About The Revitalization

Constructed in the late 1940s, Regent Park was Canada’s first and largest social housing project. It was designed as a garden city, physically turned inward with walkways and park spaces instead of streets. Over the decades, the result was a neighbourhood and residents that were isolated – both geographically and architecturally – from the surrounding city. It was a purely residential neighbourhood, with no income diversity.

In the early 2000s, with decaying buildings and infrastructure, the City of Toronto and Toronto Community Housing proposed a 15-year revitalization plan that would transform the neighbourhood, creating a geographically, socially and economically integrated, mixed-income community.

A key tenet of the revitalization is including both rent-geared-to-income and market units – together in the same community.  When the Regent Park revitalization is completed over the next 10 to 15 years, 12,500 people will live in 5,115 units across 69 acres of the largest publicly funded community in Canada. The plan includes the replacement of the 2,083 existing social housing units in Regent Park with new, energy efficient, modern units and the introduction approximately 3,000 market units for sale.

The revitalization plan restores a diversity of architecture that matches surrounding neighbourhoods, reconnects Regent Park to Toronto’s grid of streets and avenues, and also includes the creation of new commercial spaces and community facilities, including a bank, a grocery store, an aquatic centre, a new community centre and the arts and cultural centre.

Beyond the physical infrastructure, the revitalization is acting as a catalyst for social and economic change with more than 465 jobs already created for local residents. Over the next several years, as the revitalization continues, Regent Park will undergo a remarkable transition that will mean big changes and exciting opportunities for residents new and old.

For more information and updates on the revitalization of Regent Park, visit www.torontohousing.ca/regentpark.