PROG—COBA—Childrens-Dance-and-Drum-01 PROG—COBA—Childrens-Dance-and-Drum-01
PROG—COBA—Childrens-Dance-and-Drum-03 PROG—COBA—Childrens-Dance-and-Drum-03
PROG—COBA—Open-Class-02 PROG—COBA—Open-Class-02
PROG—COBA—Professional-Training-Program-04 PROG—COBA—Professional-Training-Program-04
PROG—COBA—Childrens-Dance-and-Drum-02 PROG—COBA—Childrens-Dance-and-Drum-02
PROG—COBA—Open-Class-01 PROG—COBA—Open-Class-01
PROG—COBA—Professional-Training-Program-01 PROG—COBA—Professional-Training-Program-01
PROG—COBA—Childrens-Dance-and-Drum-04 PROG—COBA—Childrens-Dance-and-Drum-04
PROG—COBA—Professional-Training-Program-02 PROG—COBA—Professional-Training-Program-02

COBA Collective of Black Artists


Founded in 1993, COBA is dedicated to creating and presenting the finest traditions in dance and music that celebrate and reflect an Africanist aesthetic. The collective presents both traditional work from the African Diaspora and cutting edge contemporary work. COBA offers classes open to all, from the curious novice to the seasoned dance professional looking to fine tune skills and expand their movement vocabulary.



Traditionally innovative dance and music celebrating the African diaspora.


Learn more at COBA’s website.


Children’s Dance & Drum Program


COBA offers high quality dance training that is supported by a legacy of African history. Our children’s dance and drumming program provides children three years and up with a solid foundation in dance forms that range from Traditional West African, Caribbean Folk, Modern/Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet (non-syllabus), along with drumming and vocal chanting. Students are placed in one of six course levels depending on their age and previous dance experience. An informal placement audition may be required for students coming from other dance programs.

Each year, the program culminates with, SHEreHE, COBA’s year-end recital celebration in which all COBA students have the opportunity to perform.


Professional Training Program


COBA offers an inspiring three-year Professional Apprenticeship Program for emerging artists looking for in-depth training in dance and/or music. A one-year intensive program for dancers and teachers is now also available.

The program’s vision is to nurture artists in perfecting a diverse movement vocabulary with specialized ability in both the traditional and contemporary aesthetics of Africa and the African Diaspora.



Open Classes


COBA offers a range of classes open to all, from the curious novice with little or no experience to the seasoned dance professional looking to fine tune skills and expand movement vocabulary. We regularly offer specialty workshops taught by guest griots and master teachers.

  • Study traditional and contemporary African & Caribbean dance forms
  • Explore the cultures of the African Diaspora through music and dance
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve overall body conditioning, flexibility and posture
  • Develop discipline and self-confidence