Native Earth Performing Arts


Native Earth Performing Arts is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the creation, development and production of professional artistic expression of the Aboriginal experience in Canada. Through stage productions, new script development, apprenticeships and internships, Native Earth seeks to fulfill a community of artistic visions.


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Animikig/Thundering Voices



Animikiig is an entry point into play creation, ideal for artists beginning to explore their stories, moving into theatre from another form or wanting to become more familiar with the conventions of Indigenous playwriting.

Thundering Voices seeks to support playwrights through the creation of a new work and to forge relationships between playwrights and other artistic collaborators (dramaturges, directors, designers, choreographers).

Both tiers of development are accessible to artists outside Toronto through Distance Dramaturgy. These programs and the annual festival where participants gather help us to build a community of storytellers who will support, commiserate, teach, inspire and elevate each other.







Volunteers who generously share their time and skills with Native Earth have the opportunity to learn from our dynamic team. There is always something exciting happening, whether it’s gearing up for the upcoming season, sending out newsletters, selling merchandise before a show, helping plan events, or assisting one of our talented staff members in the office. You will have the opportunity to learn different aspects of running an arts company while being involved in the arts community and have the chance to see one our shows. Native Earth lives by seven core values: Tolerance, Wisdom, Respect, Strength of Character, Humility, Patience, and Generosity. As an Aboriginal Arts Company, this is how we live and work. Anyone who becomes a part of the Native Earth family is also expected to adopt these values. Many of our current staff have been volunteers, which makes for a very respectful work environment.





Made to Order



Made to Order is a program that caters to individual organizations, schools, businesses, etc. The program was created so that anyone within Canada can book Native Earth for their event online or over the phone.

Some examples of our past Made to Order offerings: Savage, a piece about living as an Aboriginal homosexual in rural Canada, which played at Fort Francis High School; Taking Pride, a piece about school mascots and what it means to represent your culture, which played at Westhill Collegiate;  Strong Medicine, a piece about traditional practices with tobacco, which played for The Aboriginal Tobacco Strategy Conference.

We also offer a variety of professionally facilitated workshops, including Traditional & Contemporary Dance, Aboriginal Singing & Drumming and Improv. Be creative at your next event and have Native Earth create, illustrate, and send the audience home with the message you want.