Centre for Social Innovation



The Centre for Social Innovation creates community workspaces, incubates emerging enterprises and develops new models and methods that are changing the world. We’re home to hundreds of innovative and entrepreneurial people working to meet the needs of communities everywhere.



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Private Office Space


A private office works just like an office in any other facility. Private office tenants have 24/7 access to their own, lockable office space. Our office prices start at $900 per month plus $130/month for Shared Amenities.

Private office tenants are entitled to 10 hours per month of free meeting space.



Private Desk Space



A private desk is suitable for individuals and organizations that do not have the budget or need for a dedicated office space. A private desk space gives you your own, dedicated desk in an open office area, and includes a chair, desk and lockable filing spaces. Our private desk spaces rent for $400/month plus $65/month Shared Amenities.

Private desk spaces tenants are entitled to 10 hours per month of free meeting space.





Hot Desk Spaces


Hot Desks are occasional workspaces for individuals and organizations that do not require permanent office facilities. A Hot Desk package gives you temporary access to a shared desk, based on the following packages:

Hot Desk Package Hours/Month Workspace Access Hours/Month Meeting Space Access Total Price/Month
HD-5 5 2 $75.00
HD-20 20 3 $125.00
HD-60 60 6 $200.00
HD-100 100 8 $250.00



Shared Amenities


In addition to monthly base rent, Private Office and Private Desk pay an additional monthly “Shared Amenities” fee. The Shared Amenities price is embedded in the price of Hot Desk packages. Your Shared Amenities fee covers the cost of:

  • high speed wired and wireless internet service
  • security system
  • cleaning services
  • A/V equipment (projector, laptop, TV)
  • fax line
  • general community programming
  • shared kitchen with coffee/tea
  • repairs, maintenance and general
  • supplies
  • mail service
  • meeting room access 


Don’t need a space? Join CSI anyway!


Now you can be a member of the largest and most dynamic social innovation community without renting workspace. Community Membership provides you with increased profile, skills and knowledge-building opportunities, and mountains of social capital.  The cost is only $30/month—the price of a couple movie tickets gets you into Toronto’s most diverse and vibrant community of social innovators—for a minimum of three months.


Innovator for a Day


Interested in checking out our workspace? Sign up for our “Innovator For a Day” offer and get a free day in our Hot Desk area. You’ll get workspace from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., including access to a phone, wireless internet and great CSI programming. This offer is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We accept two applicants per date. To become an Innovator for a Day, you’ll need to fill out a short application form.



“With the help of our neighbours in Regent Park, we provide a dynamic space where people can pursue their missions, enterprises and dreams with greater efficiency and effectiveness.”