Our Vision & Mission

Rooted in Regent Park, open to the world…

The development of a new arts and cultural centre was a long-standing ambition for Toronto’s Downtown East neighbourhood, and a key element in the social and community development goals of the Regent Park revitalization. By integrating and celebrating the cultural richness of the Regent Park community, Daniels Spectrum plays an important role in creating a socially inclusive, livable, healthy, safe and vibrant neighbourhood.

What is Daniels Spectrum?

Daniels Spectrum (formerly Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre) is a platform for cultural exchange and collaboration, with programming rooted in Regent Park. It is a place where people come to be inspired, to learn, to share, to create. It showcases artistic talent, acts as an incubator for creativity and a workshop for social and cultural innovation.

What Happens at Daniels Spectrum?

The centre fosters performances, celebrations, public and community events. It supports the creation and production of a wide range of artistic endeavours, with a focus on visual and performing arts. Youth will find a place where they can learn and develop skills. Community groups and organizations will find a place for collaboration, exchange and dialogue.

A Commitment to
Shared Values

We are guided by a set of shared values that inform our programming and underpin the way we work together and with the community. We are committed to excellence in artistic creation, inclusivity and participation, celebrating our diverse community, collaboration and social engagement, and a healthy and sustainable sense of community.

A Quadruple Bottom Line

Working with our partners and tenants, we are committed to creating a diverse and dynamic cultural sphere, a richer and more inclusive social fabric, a stronger local economy and a cleaner and greener environment.

Community Stewardship

Daniels Spectrum is owned by Regent Park Arts Development (RPAD). RPAD is a new non-profit corporation, governed by a Board of Directors with representation from Artscape, The Daniels Corporation, Toronto Community Housing and the community, including a representative from Regent Park Neighbourhood Initiative (RPNI). RPAD has engaged Artscape to be the operator of Daniels Spectrum.